THE FACE OF BANGAR – The Past, Present, and the Future

The mural painting is conceptualized through the heart of the Municipality of Bangar – the different major industries Abel (handloom-weaving), Panday (blacksmithing), and Agriculture (farming and fishing).
At the left part is a face of a woman representing the Municipality of Bangar. The beautiful persona symbolizes not only a mother taking care of her children – the Bangareños but also as a steward of the arts and culture and soon to pass on the heritage to the young generation. Enveloping her is the warmth unique blanket called Abel, a major product of the town. Indeed, Bangar lives in its brand: Home of the World’s Famous Inabel Blanket. The cotton plant at the right part of the woman is the raw material to create abel fibers and threads. At the top of the head is another major product of Bangar, bolo, creating a semi crown style. The hammer and the tongs symbolize the blacksmithing industry.
​The lower center constitutes the Agricultural sector. Corn and Palay are the major crops, while fish from fresh and saltwater for the aquaculture. The Statue Spirit of Progress can also be seen with it as it is believed to bring progress to these industries. Bougainvillea, as La Union’s Provincial flower, beautifies the Spirit of Progress Park located at the center of the municipality.
​The painting also depicts Bangar, as it projects herself from the past to the future. We, the Bangarenos believe that these industries together with the undying dedication of our front liners and local government (symbolized by the hands at the bottom right part) will drive us through where we are now. Despite the challenges brought by the Covid-19 virus, as illustrated by the half part of the child’s face, we firmly believed that someday we will surpass this fight and even progress by a mile towards a better Bangar. The dancing images symbolize the undying culture of our town juxtaposed with our infrastructural and community development.
​Lastly, we placed the architectural structure of the church at the upper center of the art piece as we believe that Faith should still be our ultimate driving force to attain our ends. God is the divine healer against our adversaries not only of our physical and mental health but also our spirituality.
-Tourism Office and The Bangar Artist Club